Lamoille County Planning Commission


Smugglers Notch Truck Scoping Study

"Stuckage" Survey

The Lamoille County Planning Commission, in collaboration with VTrans, is working on design alternatives for Smugglers’ Notch Scenic Highway to alleviate stuckages in the notch. A previous public survey was completed October 2022 and, with great public feedback, allowed for the teams working on this study to focus on what alternatives the public would prefer. Since that survey, the teams have also determined two possible road design changes at the north and south gateways to the Notch that could prevent trucks from entering the Notch, while also providing a safe way for trucks to turn around and exit Route 108.



Open from approximately May to mid-October (based on when snow melts/accumulates), the “Notch Road” also serves as an important north south travel corridor during the summer months when it’s open. While the road can accommodate a steady flow of cars and small trucks passing through its sudden switchbacks and tight road widths, larger vehicles—anything over 40 feet in length—cannot navigate the Notch. As a result, trucks getting stuck in the Notch is a perennial problem.  

In July of 2021, the Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans) conducted a Road Safety Audit Review (RSAR) that focused on identifying possible solutions to reduce or eliminate stuck trucks in the Notch. As part of this process, a number of recommendations were made, including the undertaking of a scoping study to further develop the ideas and actions identified in the RSAR into long-term solutions that will reduce or eliminate "stuckages" in the Notch, and to consider whether or not any additional solutions exist that have not been considered.


Public Participation

Public input is essential to identifying the best approaches to eliminating stuck trucks in Smugglers’ Notch. There were 2 public meetings, one in November 2022 and one in April 2023. Recordings of those meetings are available below. Your thoughts and comments can be emailed at any time to Seth Jensen, Deputy Director at seth@lcpcvt.org.


November 2, 2022 Recorded zoom presentation

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April 13, 2023 Recorded zoom presentation

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