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Regional Plan


DRAFT 2024 Lamoille County Enhanced Energy Plan Amendment

Regional Plan Currently in Effect

The current Regional Plan runs through 2031. On October 24, 2023 the LCPC Board of Directors adopted the updated 2023-2031 Lamoille County Regional Plan. The Plan update involved a year long process of working closely with the Regional Plan Committee to update the Plan.

The Lamoille County Regional Plan is a policy and reference guide developed by and for the Lamoille County Planning Commission (LCPC) to address issues of common concern among the municipalities of the region. As a regional planning commission, LCPC is required to prepare a regional plan every eight years by soliciting input from member municipalities, regional organizations, and the general public. This inclusive and comprehensive process is one of the most significant functions that we perform.

This plan is used to:

  • Reflect overall growth trends within the region and address issues of concern at the local and regional level 
  • Support the goals and issues of the region's communities as expressed in their municipal plans 
  • Serve as an 8-year action plan to guide future growth in Lamoille County
  • Serve as a guiding document for the Lamoille County Planning Commission Board of Directors to direct ongoing activities and develop new initiatives to serve the region and its communities
  • Provide a basis to evaluate and review development projects proposed under 10 VSA Chapter 151: State Land Use and Development Plans (Act 250) and 30 VSA §248 (Public Utility Commission)
  • Serve where needed to determine compatibility of state and federal agency plans affecting land use with regional and local planning and development priorities
  • Provide information and regional concerns for municipal planning efforts

Act 250 and Other Permitting 

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