Lamoille County Planning Commission


Town Of Morristown - 05661

Clark ParkMorristown has a population of 5,434 people according to the 2020 Census and serves as the region's center for commerce, services, and State of Vermont branch offices and industries. The population makes up almost one-quarter of Lamoille County’s population. It is bound by Johnson and Hyde Park on the north, Stowe to the south, Wolcott and Elmore on the east, and Cambridge on the west. Morristown has an incorporated village, Morrisville, within the town. 

Two state highways run through the Town of Morristown. VT Route 100 bisects the town and serves as the major north/south route. VT Route 15 is the major east/west route in Northern Vermont and carries traffic and goods from St. Johnsbury to Morristown and further on to the Burlington area.

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