Lamoille County Planning Commission


Lamoille and Missisquoi Clean Water Service Provider

Lamoille and Missisquoi Clean Water Service Provider

 Whether your ‘usual’ regional planning commission is involved or not—

This message originated with the Northwest Regional Planning Commission. In coming years, many projects to improve water quality will be coordinated by organizations called Clean Water Service Providers.  The Lamoille County Planning Commission is not a Clean Water Service Provider, but it is involved in the process and is lending a hand to Northwest RPC, which is the Clean Water Service Provider for the Lamoille/Missisquoi watershed.

 Why your participation matters—

Although Lake Champlain may seem far away from the community where you live, the waters feeding it include rivers, streams, and brooks near where you live. Problems upstream can be magnified by the time they reach areas downstream. The amount of phosphorus reaching Lake Champlain (from all sources, not just some) is more than the Lake can accept and remain healthy.  Phosphorus levels can be reduced if we use newly available funding to complete a variety of projects in a variety of areas.   

Where to get more information—

You can learn more about the effort to improve water quality in the Lamoille/Missisquoi watershed by visiting our website, nrpcvt.com. Decisions about project priorities and funding will be made by the Lamoille/Missisquoi Bay Basin Water Quality Council. Also known as the BWQC (or even more simply, Council), this group includes representatives of the area’s municipalities, Natural Resources Conservation districts, Regional Planning Commissions, watershed protection organizations, and land conservation organizations.  (Use the link https://www.nrpcvt.com/cwsp-water-quality-councils.)  Copies of meeting agendas, minutes, and recordings relating to the Council can be found at https://www.nrpcvt.com/cwsp-agendas-minutes.