Lamoille County Planning Commission


GIS Service Center

Lamoille County Planning Commission serves as a regional GIS service center, providing mapping, data, and analysis services to our 10 member towns. We provide GIS services on projects that involve transportation, land use and natural resources planning, emergency management, and community and economic development.

The GIS Service Center creates, maintains, and updates data layers, as well as providing technical assistance for data and application design, development, documentation, conversion, spatial, and tabular analysis. The Center also provides limited GIS software support.

Besides providing services to our towns and regional non-profit organizations, LCPC provides a limited amount of GIS services to private companies and the general public. These services include data conversion, as well as map creation and printing. Appointments can be made by calling LCPC at (802) 888-4548 or by emailing Alec Jones (alec@lcpcvt.org).