Lamoille County Planning Commission


Lamoille County Enhanced Energy Plan

The Lamoille County Planning Commission Board of Directors adopted an energy amendment to the Lamoille County Regional Plan in 2018. The amendment incorporates into the Lamoille County Regional Plan an Enhanced Energy component designed as a guide for the Region to help meet the statewide goal of 90% renewable energy production by 2050.

Enhanced Energy Planning was established by the legislature in 2016. Regions and towns with approved energy plans will have a greater say in state decisions made by the Public Utility Commission regarding the siting of renewable energy generation facilities. This is due to the plan being given a higher legal standard (“substantial deference”) than a typical legal standard (“due consideration”). The amended Regional Plan was issued a Certificate of Energy Compliance on July 12, 2018.

Now that the Lamoille County Regional Plan is certified, local municipalities that develop enhanced energy plans will be able to submit their requests for determination of energy compliance directly to the Regional Planning Commission. With a positive determination, the municipality’s plan will also receive substantial deference in Public Utility Commission proceedings.

Enhanced Energy Plans contain an analysis of current energy use, targets for future energy use, and strategies for reaching future energy use targets. They also include a mapping effort that will help inform the future siting of renewable energy facilities.