Lamoille County Planning Commission


River Corridor Plans

One of LCPC’s long-term efforts in partnership with the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation River Management Program and the Lamoille County Natural Resources Conservation District has been to assess the conditions of watersheds throughout Lamoille County and to implement watershed wide and site specific restoration projects that improve the overall health and vitality of these waterways. 

Much of the restoration work has been accomplished through a process called "River Corridor Planning." River Corridor Plans identify locations where restoration and conservation projects can improve or maintain river stability. Restoration projects include a variety of activities, such as stream bank plantings, bridge and culvert upgrades, and floodplain restoration.

In 2015, LCPC created an online interactive “Story Map” to illustrate and explain river processes and how human activities impact the equilibrium of rivers and streams. Perhaps more importantly, the Story Map highlights the great restoration work that is being accomplished by many organizations and partnerships throughout the Lamoille watershed. To learn more, please visit the Story Map!

More Information about River Corridor Planning can be found at this River Corridor Protection Presentation

River Corridor Plans:
Individual River Corridor Plans are available at the links to the left.