Lamoille County Planning Commission


Centerville Brook Corridor Plan

A Phase 1 Stream Geomorphic Assessment was completed for Centerville Brook by LCPC during spring 2006, and a Phase 2 Stream Geomorphic Assessment was completed by Bear Creek Environmental, LLC during summer 2006.

The Centerville Brook has a watershed size of 9.22 square miles just above the confluence of the Lamoille River in the Town of Hyde Park.  Centerville drains from its headwaters near McKinistry Hill through forest, pasture, and residential lands of the area known as Centerville. It flows south and joins the Lamoille River at approximately 534 feet above sea level, which then drains westerly into Lake Champlain.

The community of Hyde Park has the opportunity to provide long-term protection to the river corridor and encourage the reestablishment of floodplain vegetation and healthy instream habitat. A list of 15 potential restoration and conservation projects was developed during project identification. Types of projects include: river corridor protection through corridor easements and conservation efforts, replacing undersized structures causing localized channel instability, improving riparian buffers, and arresting a small headcut.

Download the Centerville Brook Corridor Plan.