Lamoille County Planning Commission


Rodman Brook Corridor Plan

The Lamoille County Planning Commission (LCPC) conducted a Phase I assessment of six miles of Rodman Brook and bridge/culvert assessment according to the protocols of the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources during June of 2006. The LCPC retained Bear Creek Environmental, LLC to perform Phase 2 Stream Geomorphic Assessments of select reaches of Rodman Brook during 2007. The Phase 2 stream geomorphic assessment study area focused on three stream reaches on Rodman Brook in Morristown. The combined length of Phase 2 reaches assessed is approximately one mile. 

The Rodman Brook is located in the towns of Hyde Park and Morristown, Vermont, and flows into the Lamoille River which flows into Lake Champlain. Most of the river flows through forested land, with portions running through agricultural land and residential development. The approximately six mile river drains a 4.25 square mile watershed. There are 15 reaches (sections of brook with similar characteristics such as slope, valley width, and tributary influence), which were assessed on the main stem of the river.

Four of five segments of Rodman Brook were found to be in fair geomorphic condition based on the rapid geomorphic assessment in 2007. The most upstream segment, located upstream of the Garfield Road crossing was found to be in good geomorphic condition. Geomorphic condition is determined based on the degree (if any) the channel is out of balance with the flow and sediment in its watershed.

 As the river works toward a more stable equilibrium, the communities of Hyde Park and Morristown have the opportunity to protect the river from further encroachments through the adoption of fluvial erosion hazard zones. Site specific projects are identified for the Rodman Brook main stem in the river corridor plan. The project strategy, technical feasibility, and priority for each project are listed by project number and reach. Proposed river restoration and protection projects include: river corridor protection to provide attenuation of sediment and floodwaters through corridor easements, the replacement of an undersized bridge, iron seep remediation, a possible berm removal project, and improved stormwater treatment.

Download the Rodman Brook Corridor Plan.