Lamoille County Planning Commission


Regional Planning

Regional Plan

The Lamoille County Planning Commission's most significant document is the Lamoille County Regional Plan. The Regional Plan was most recently adopted October 24, 2023, effective November 28, 2023. It will remain in effect until 2031.

Act 250 and Other Permitting

LCPC’s Plan and Project Review (PPR) Committee reviews Act 250 applications that require a hearing (major applications) and/or trigger one or more “Substantial Regional Impact” (SRI) thresholds. PPR reviews all projects that go before the Public Service Board, these include §248 (energy generation), or §248a (communications facility) permits. By statute, the role of  the PPR Committee and the Board of LCPC is only to determine if the project under consideration conforms to the Regional Plan.

Energy Planning

Enhanced Energy Planning was established by the legislature in 2016. Regions and towns with approved energy plans will have a greater say in state decisions made by the Public Utility Commission regarding the siting of renewable energy generation facilities. 


In addition to the Lamoille County Regional Plan, which addresses housing issues and goals for the region, LCPC partnered with the Lamoille Housing Partnership and the Stowe Land Trust to enlist Doug Kennedy Advisors to prepare a housing report that illustrates the housing needs in Lamoille County.