Lamoille County Planning Commission


Housing Reports and Information

In addition to the Housing Section of the Lamoille County Regional Plan, which addresses housing issues and goals for the region, LCPC partnered with the Lamoille Housing Partnership, the Stowe Land Trust, the Lamoille Economic Development Corporation, and the Lamoille Area Board of Realtors to enlist Doug Kennedy Advisors to update the housing report originally published in 2018. This update illustrates the housing needs that still exist in Lamoille County and Hardwick, assessing:

  • The economy - major regional trends
  • Characteristics of supply - housing stock
  • Financial characteristics - housing
  • Housing - market trends
  • Demographics - household characteristics & demand
  • Perspectives on supply & demand - key study area towns and employers


 Read the Housing Study here 

Vermont Housing Data Website

In 2022 LCPC Regional Planner Kate Lalley presented a training on
What municipalities can do to promote housing in Villages/compact/walkable settings
That training is available at the link below.

Housing Training 2022