Lamoille County Planning Commission


The Vermont Climate Action Plan

The Vermont Action Plan aims to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce the impact from the greatest risks of climate change. This will lead to healthier Vermont communities and landscapes. This plan aims to create a new energy industry as well as jobs. If you would like to read the final 2022 Climate Action Plan (CAP), click here.

To be more specific, the CAP includes strategies to: 

1. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation, building, regulated utility, industrial, commercial, and agricultural sectors

2. Encourage smart growth and related strategies

3. Achieve long-term sequestration and storage of carbon and promote best management practices to achieve climate mitigation, adaptation, and resilience on natural working lands

4. Achieve net zero emissions by 2050 across all sectors

5. Reduce energy burdens for rural and marginalized communities

6. Limit the use of chemicals, substances, or products that contribute to climate change

7. Build and encourage climate adaptation and resilience of Vermont communities and natural systems