Lamoille County Planning Commission


Lamoille County Brownfields Program

One of the legacies of Lamoille County’s rich economic past is an inventory of commercial and industrial properties. When properties (or properties nearby them) are abandoned, idled, or underused because business expansion or site redevelopment is complicated by real or perceived environmental contamination, the properties are known as brownfields. The Lamoille County Brownfields Program helps owners and developers facing unknown costs and liability issues address brownfield challenges.

Our services include:

  • Research to flag property areas that would benefit from field tests
  • Field tests to confirm whether contamination exists, and if so, to what extent
  • Corrective action planning to outline alternative solutions and their costs
  • Redevelopment planning to adjust development in light of environmental challenges
  • Site specific technical assistance, such as understanding liability laws and insurance and creating strategies for funding cleanup and redevelopment.


Recent Projects

The Jeffersonville Granary is a local landmark site that was recently remediated and redeveloped in the Lamoille region. The renewal of this space helped to improve the aesthetics and walkability of the Village area in Jeffersonville. LCPC Brownfields funds helped assess contaminants present, evaluate the approaches and costs to remediation, and develop a plan to help clean up the site. A combination of local partnerships and state funding sources helped implement corrective actions and ultimately provide a space for small local food retailers, recreational businesses, and the community to safely utilize.

Read more about the project here: Waterman Orchards to revitalize Jeffersonville Granary | Local News | vtcng.com

Several other properties also benefited from the LCPC’s Brownfields Grant Program.

  • The Village of Jeffersonville has used the funding to help transform the former Bell Gates lumber yard into a gateway park to the Village. 
  • The Town of Hyde Park developed a vacant parcel adjacent to the former railroad as a trailhead facility serving Lamoille Valley Rail Trail users. 
  • The Village of Johnson benifited from planning funds to develop an area wide vision for the former industrial corridor along Railroad Street. Click here for the executive summary of the area wide study.
  • When possible, the LCPC’s brownfield funds have also helped properties in other areas of the state. In the Northeast Kingdom, the LCPC funded a project that aims to revitalize the General Store in Albany.

Interested in embarking on a path to redeveloping a potential brownfields site? Learn more about Brownfields Redevelopment in the Vermont Brownfields Handbook.

LCPC is currently accepting applications for Brownfield sites. Please contact Victoria Hellwig victoria@lcpcvt.org or (802) 851-6342.

 Brownfields Advisory Committee

The Lamoille County Brownfields Program is managed by the Lamoille County Planning Commission, with guidance from the Brownfields Committee. The Brownfields Committee provides guidance on program priorities, outreach, site selection, and hiring of consultants to conduct assessments.