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Lamoille County Planning Commission
Declaration of Inclusion

 The Lamoille County Planning Commission believes that a thriving local community depends on a vibrant culture that is rich in its diversity of human experiences, perspectives, backgrounds, skills, and traditions. We value and embrace diversity in all its forms and we want Lamoille County to be a place where all – regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, ability, socioeconomic status, religion, or any other difference – have been given a welcoming environment which supports and encourages feelings of comfort and safety.

We take pride in Vermont’s openness to diverse persons and lifestyles, yet we acknowledge there are deeply rooted prejudices and systemic injustices that often go unchecked. We recognize that those prejudices, injustices, and biases can often lead to actions and decisions that benefit some more than others and may cause actual harm. We believe this is unacceptable.

As an organization dedicated to the health and success of Lamoille County, we denounce discrimination and hate, commit to the work of educating ourselves and local municipalities on how to identify and root out bias, and will continue in our efforts to eliminate barriers to civic participation among diverse populations as we plan for the future of this region of Vermont.

 By the Lamoille County Planning Commission Board of  Directors on February 22, 2022.


The 2024 Housing Assessment for Lamoille County and Hardwick is now available.


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