Lamoille County Planning Commission


Town of Johnson - 05656

Johnson is centrally located in Lamoille County covering 46.2 square miles.  The town abuts Cambridge and Waterville to the west, Morristown and Hyde Park to the south, and Belvidere and Eden to the North.  It is located 45.8 miles from Burlington and 40.7 miles from Montpelier.

There are just over 73.8 miles of road in the town. The two state highways in town are Rte 15 and Rte 100C. 

According to the 2010 Census the population was 3,446. This is 5 percent increase from 2000.

Located in the Municipal Building just west of the village, governance of the town is conducted by five elected members of the Selectboard, planning is conducted by an eight member planning commission. Johnson currently does not have zoning and subdivision regulations.


Johnson Demographic and Economic Indicators

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