Lamoille County Planning Commission


Modes of Transportation in Lamoille County


Air: Air transportation is provided by the nearby Morrisville-Stowe State Airport in Morrisville.  The Morrisville-Stowe Airport (MSA) is located off of VT Route 100 just north of Stowe. MSA provides private aviation and charter services including glider rides for visitors in the summer and fall. For more information on MSA service call 802-888-7845

Train:  When it comes to rail, Amtrak is the most accessible train service for Lamoille County residents.  The Vermonter runs from St. Albans, VT to Washington, DC. The closest Amtrak stations are located in Waterbury and Essex Junction, VT.  Learn more about Amtrak at http://www.amtrak.com

Bus/Shuttle: The Green Mountain Transit Agency (GMTA) offers bus and shuttle service throughout Lamoille County. GMTA service lines include the Route 100 Commuter, Morrisville Loop, Mountain Road (108) Shuttle and The Shopping Shuttle. Additionally, Rural Community Transportation (RCT) provides demand response shuttle service for purposes ranging from medical appointments to shopping. Learn more about bus or shuttle service in your area by visiting LCPC’s “Public Transit” webpage. 

Carpooling:  Lamoille County residents have access to an online service, Go Vermont, that matches commuters with others traveling to the same town. Additionally, Park and Ride lots are available for commuters to meet up with their carpool. Lots are located in the towns of Cambridge, Hyde Park and Morristown. To learn more about carpooling services or lot locations visit http://www.connectingcommuters.org/

Biking/Walking:  For leisure and commuting purposes the Stowe Recreation Path caters to bikers and walkers seeking an alternative to VT Route 108. The path stretches 5.3 miles alongside Mountain Road. Other common biking and walking travel routes include Routes 100, 15, 12, 109 and 118. These roads provide a bike lane or wide shoulder for travelers’ safety. To locate biking and walking routes in Lamoille County visit www.localmotion.org.