Lamoille County Planning Commission


Energy Planning



Regional Energy Plan

Lamoille County Planning Commission is working to develop a Regional Energy Plan consistent with the goals of the State 2016 Comprehensive Energy Plan. This plan - to be completed by December 2017 - will model pathways to achieving the goal of supplying 90% of Vermont’s energy needs from renewable sources by 2050, and will identify particular regional goals and actions on heat, transportation, and electric power. The plan will also include a mapping component, identifying promising areas for different kinds of renewable energy supply technologies.

Energy Planning Assistance to Municipalities

Following the enactment of the 2016 Energy Development Act (Act 174), the Vermont Department of Public Service contracted with the Lamoille County Planning Commission to provide energy planning assistance to Lamoille County municipalities. One requirement of this contract is for the LCPC to develop municipal data analyses and maps that can be used by the municipalities for their energy planning work pursuant to Act 174. The information provided below contains data that estimates current energy use and provides targets for future energy use across all sectors (transportation, heating, and electricity). It also sets targets for renewable energy generation within the municipality and maps areas with renewable resource potential.

Municipal Energy Data and Maps for Use in Enhanced Energy Planning

These are large files due to the size of the maps. View on web or download for better usability with Adobe Reader.