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Lamoille County Planning Commission

Flood Resiliency

Building Resilience in the Lamoille Watershed

Through funding awarded by the High Meadows Fund, LCPC is embarking on an 18-month project to form a collaborative effort throughout the Lamoille Watershed aimed at building flood resiliency. Six municipalities (Wolcott, Johnson Town and Village, Cambridge Town and Village, and Jeffersonville) are participating in the project, which includes flood modeling, homeowner outreach for floodproofing structures, and developing a contractor training program to increase contractor knowledge of floodproof building techniques and practices.

We are currently gathering information for the flood modeling study. Following the methodology developed for the Village of Jeffersonville, Milone and MacBroom, Inc. of Waterbury will expand the flood model to additional communities. The flood model allows a coarse level of high water events to be tested, given the physical properties of rivers, placement of existing infrastructure, and other factors that influence how a river is able to move. The model tests various mitigation alternatives, allowing a community to decide what action to take to reduce flooding for the greatest benefit.

As the modeling gets underway, we need your help! An online mapping platform,, can be used by anyone with internet access. Visit the link to place a dot on the map where flooding is a common concern - or, an area that was hit especially hard that had never flooded before a particular storm.

For questions about either of these initiatives, please contact LCPC at 888-4548

High Meadows Documentation

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